Regional Cooking From Middle-earth - Bring a little Middle-earth to your holidays with this cookbook!

"Emerald Took" just let me know of her Regional Cooking From Middle-earth book, just published!

It is a collection of 111 sections of recipes based on the habits, peoples, and foods mentioned by J.R.R.Tolkien in his stories pertaining to Middle-earth.  The recipes are a collection of influences including African, Irish, Native American, Scandanavian, Meditteranian, Oriental, Scottish...and of course, Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, and even Smeagol had some contributions to make.  If you are familiar with the works, I feel you will really enjoy it.  If you are not, I think you will appreciate the fact that they are all traditional recipes, some thousands of years old, with no refined foods.  Almost all of the recipes have vegetarian alternatives (those that weren't all veggie to begin with).  The retail is $25US, and the first source will send copies anywhere in the world to you...just give them a call.  Some of the proceeds of this project will go to assist two very worthy causes:  the Air, Search, and Rescue non-profit organization that helped us out here in Somerset at the crash site [of September 11th, 2001 - ed.];  the other is a literacy project I am doing to get quality literature into the hands of poor rural and urban children.

To get your copy of this great cookbook, just buy it here on eBay (it'd be a great--and rare--gift for any culinary LOTR fan!).

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