Press Release: Tolkien in Perspective: Sifting the Gold From the Glitter - New Tolkien Book by Greg Wright

Press Release: New Tolkien Book by Greg Wright

VMI Publishers is releasing a new book by  Hollywood Jesus columnist Greg Wright  titled, Tolkien in Perspective: Sifting the  Gold From the Glitter. Through his analysis, the author offers the reader a useful framework for assessing "Christian art" and the Christian response to art. As suggested by the subtitle, "A Look at the Unsettling Power of Tolkien's Mythology," Wright also helps explain why The Lord of the Rings is one of the great works of world literature. The book is a compelling alternative to both unbridled praise and dismissive criticism.

Readable yet scholarly, Wright's book takes into account the full breadth of Tolkien's writings -- everything from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to The Silmarillion and The History of Middle-earth; from Tolkien's Letters to his published essays. And in the closing chapters, Wright boldly offers compelling alternatives to his own conclusions, which demonstrates his desire for a responsible approach to handling Tolkien's work. He is not overly concerned with being "right."

Over the last fifty years,The Lord of the Rings has been lauded as "The Book of the Twentieth Century," and called "required reading in every Christian household." It has been attacked by literary critics and religious leaders. Its detractors are many; its defenders are legion. But there is another option.

"The chief purpose of life, for any one of us," Tolkien said, "is to increase according to our capacity our knowledge of God by all the means we have, and to be moved by it to praise and thanks."

After fifty years, it's about time to get a real handle on dealing with Tolkien's work in the way Tolkien intended. For many, The Lord of the Rings has proven little more than a distraction from what Tolkien called the "chief purpose of life," while still remaining a terribly neglected means of bringing others to praise and thanks.

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