NewsWire: Huge surge recorded in parents reading stories to children - Anova

[Note from Ted:  I love reading stories like this.  If only we can do the same here in the United States, there might be hope for us yet.]

A new survey suggests there has been a huge recent increase in the number of parents reading stories to their children.

Research commissioned by Powergen claims 90% of parents read to their children compared to 40% in 2000.

It says the rise is being fuelled by books like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings which are enjoyed by both adults and children.

The survey also reveals more women than men read to their children.

Researchers questioned 1,200 parents as part of the survey.

Psychologist and author Dr Aric Sigman said: "Books such as Lord Of The Rings can be interpreted on more than one level, making them interesting and stimulating for all ages.

"For the first time parents and children are actively choosing to read the same books.

"With the current revival of children's classics like Lord Of The Rings in the cinema, parents are rediscovering books they read when they were younger or are feeling inspired to read them for the first time."

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