New Tolkien Book, The Children of Hurin, to be Released in Spring 2007

Turin Turambar slays GlaurungTurin Turambar slays GlaurungPublishers Houghton Mifflin and HarperCollins have announced that an unfinished tale by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by his son Christopher Tolkien, will be released in Spring 2007.

The Children of Hurin is an epic tale that Tolkien begain in 1918 and later abandoned... and then taken up again by his son Christopher 30 years ago, piecing together the entire tale from his notes and other works.

While this news is somewhat unexpected, it is not altogether surprising.  Christopher Tolkien has been a powerful executor of his father's literary estate, and has done his best to bring us all of the unfinished works left (something which his father was known--not finishing a work, that is).

Those of us who have read The Silmarillion already know the overarching story of Turin Turambar and Nienor Niniel, the Children of Hurin... but I'm very excited to see what Tolkien had truly intended this epic tale to be!

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