"The Tolkien Professor" Launches Online Lectures/Podcast Exploring Tolkien

Corey Olsen, a professor in the English Department at Washington College, has gone online with a series of lectures on Tolkien, starting with The Hobbit. Here's what Dr. Olsen says he's doing with these online lectures:

I am going through Tolkien’s books in detail. In each lecture, I discuss one or two chapters, exploring the fascinating details of Tolkien’s world, his characters, and his language while also tracking some of the large, important themes in Tolkien’s fiction.

Honestly, they're really a pleasure to listen to.  It's been a few years since I graduated with my own literature degree, so jumping back into a more academic study of Tolkien is quite a joy.

If you have an iPod or use iTunes, the best way to get his lectures is simply by subscribing to them via iTunes. Or you can also go ahead and download and listen to them directly from his website.

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