Announcing the Middle Earth Fan Fiction Awards. - The Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards 2004 are open for business.

The Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards 2004 are open for business and the rules and information can be found at this URL:

The Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards is a new awards contest based on the model used at alt.startrek.creative. What's special about that model is that it is comment-based! It's about feedback! It generates feedback! And thus a friendly, participatory atmosphere.

They will take nominations (beginning May 1, 2004) for any story posted to any public website before April 30, 2004. That means that great Lord of the Rings fic you read back in 1974 can be nominated, so long as you can find it on a public website (no logins required) and the author has e-mail.

To nominate a story, and to vote, you need a Yahoo ID.

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