• Hobbit Production Video #6 Released

    Check out the latest production video behind the scenes of The Hobbit! Head over to Facebook to give it a look!

  • Hobbit Trailer Finally Released!


  • Hobbit Trailer to Debut on Tuesday, December 20

    Definitely in theatres, but will we see it online?

  • Hobbit Update from Ian McKellen

    "Our first filming destination was Matamata, where eleven years ago Gandalf the Grey made his entrance into The Fellowship of the Ring, greeting Ian Holm’s Bilbo on the doorstep of Bag End."

  • On the Set of the Hobbit Part 5 - Thorin's Dilemma

    "This scene is all about Thorin and my first real chance at seeing Richard Armitage craft a layered performance with the character. Thorin’s a stubborn dwarf, very much a leader, but is smart enough to heed the council of Gandalf."

  • On the set of the Hobbit: The Trollshaws

    Quint from Ain't it Cool News has submitted his 4th report from the set of The Hobbit. This time, it's at the Trollshaws, where Bilbo and the dwarves meet up with the Trolls.

  • The Hobbit Set Report #3

    "Forty-Four Hobbit holes were built to be permanent, with retaining walls, waterproofed roofs, etc. The stone bridge was constructed with a steel superstructure covered with real stone cladding. The Green Dragon is the most impressive of them all because it was built with a functioning fireplace, plumbing, water pipes and the works."

  • A New Report from the Set of The Hobbit!

    Ain't it Cool News's Quint has posted his second on-the-set of The Hobbit report. It's all about his experience of being a Hobbit extra in the film, full of makeup, set, and acting details...

  • Hobbit Production Video #4 Released!

    Peter Jackson has just released the latest Hobbit production video! It's all about 3D, but I'm really watching it just to see glimpses of the story in action--and there's quite a few!

  • Hobbiton has a Permanent Home

    Hobbiton won't be torn down at the end of the filming of The Hobbit--it'll remain as a permanent attraction!

  • A Report from the Set of The Hobbit!

    "Sure enough, the countryside was beautiful and Tolkeinesque, but it wasn’t until I made a turn and saw the incredibly iconic stone bridge leading to The Green Dragon that it really struck me where I was."

  • New Sketches by Tolkien Discovered in Oxford

    A surprising find by HarperCollins yields two dozen unpublished sketches from The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien!

  • Evangeline Lily Talks Elvish

    Evangeline Lily (of Lost fame) talked with Access Hollywood and broke out into a couple phrases of Elvish.

  • Orlando Bloom Spotted in Wellington

    Legolas is back in New Zealand!

  • All the Dwarves in one Photo

    An official photo will all 13 dwarves.

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