•  The Hobbit Trailer in Pictures

     Here are 37 high quality shots of the new trailer in chronological order!

  • New Hobbit Trailer Has 5 Different Endings... Have you seen them all?

    The official Hobbit site has put up a page that allows you to select and share new endings for the new Hobbit Trailer.

  • Hobbit Trailer 2 is Out!

    Peter Jackson and company has released the new trailer for The Hobbit--and it's definitely different than the first! While the first trailer was more of an introduction to the general story, this one really dives deep into the action and the seminal moments that make the story.

  • New Hobbit Trailer to be Released Tomorrow

    It was just announced (on Facebook) that a new trailer for The Hobbit will be released on iTunes Movie Trailers tomorrow morning at 7am PT and 10am ET.

  • Hobbit iPhone/iPad App Released

    Warner Bros has released an Apple-only app (sorry Android) for The Hobbit! It's not bad, but not exactly earth-shattering either.

  • Slightly Different Hobbit Trailer Now Online

    With the news that The Hobbit will now be split into 3 films, this small bit of news about a slightly modified trailer for first film slipped through the cracks.  See if you can spot the 3 new scenes...

  • Third Hobbit Movie Announced by Peter Jackson!

    We can't say we didn't warn you, but we certainly believed this was possible after all the hints of the past few weeks...

  • New Gollum Pic Shows a "Younger" Gollum 

    E! Online has posted 2 new photos, one of the "younger" Gollum--of course, seeing how old he is, he's not much younger.

  • Newest Hobbit Production Video (#8) is Released!

    The latest production video from the production of The Hobbit has been released and can be seen on either Facebook or YouTube.There's lots of new stuff here too (in addition to the focus on Comic-Con), and some bits from The Hobbit Part 2.

  • Interview with Richard Armitage, aka Thorin Oakenshield

    Here's a nice 3 minute interview with Richard Armitage, aka Thorin Oakenshield. Nothing of distinct note, just some behind the scenes info and friendly banter.

  • Comic-Con Hobbit Footage Overview

    Since the rest of the world missed it, here's an overview of the 12 minutes of footage shown at ComicCon.

  • A Third Hobbit Movie...? Peter Jackson Drops a Few Hints

    "We’ve been certainly talking to the studio about some of the material we can’t film. And we’ve been asking them if we can do a bit more filming next year. Which I don’t know what would come of that, whether that would be extended additions or not. But those discussions are ongoing..."

  • Elijah Wood Briefly Talks About The Hobbit at Comic-Con

    No stunningly significant news here, but just a bit of confirmation and awkward discussion surrounding his small but "bookend" role of Frodo in The Hobbit.

  • Peter Jackson Defends 24fps Hobbit Screening at Comic-Con

    Peter Jackson took to his social network of choice today and explained his decision to show a bit of The Hobbit in 2D at 24 frames per second (fps) rather than the filmed 3D at 48fps.

  • Trolls Appear at Comic-Con

    The infamous trolls from The Hobbit make an appearance at the Weta booth.

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