• Where Will The Split Be Made?

    Mark Sommer of recounts all we know about where the break between the two movies could be.

  • The First Line of 'Hobbit' Script

    Peter Jackson obliquely tells us the first line of the script in a Comic-Con interview

  • Peter Jackson Dishes Some More Hobbit Info

    "Guillermo's there not because I'm a mentor of him, but I just thought he would do a terrific job with that film. It wasn't the type of movie I [wanted] to give to a young, novice filmmaker and have them sort of godfather it through. I wanted someone who ... was established, who I could trust with it. ... With The Hobbit, I really don't want to ... be too involved in looking over the shoulder of the director."

  • Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Out This Year... Extended Edition in 2010?

    LOTR on blu-ray in the fall? Extended editions next year? Let's hope so!

  • Celebrate Oxonmoot 2009 this September

    "Oxonmoot is the special event of the Tolkien Society year held on a weekend close to Bilbo & Frodo's birthdays. There is a range of activities such as academic talks & papers, workshops (see the Call for Papers below if you wish to offer something), new, second-hand and rare book dealers, an art show (with professional and amateur works), plus a quiet area where you can drink tea, fill up the corners and chat with old or new friends."

  • Exclusive Video of Peter Jackson Discussing The Hobbit

    Peter Jackson Spoke for a few minutes about the status of The Hobbit, including the script, the casting, and the timing. Click in to view the entire video!

  • Peter Jackson Talks 'Hobbit' at Comic-Con

    Peter Jackson takes a moment to discuss the scripts and casting.

  • 'The Hobbit' in IMAX

    Execs at Comic-Con list 'The Hobbit' as one of the films they hope to present in IMAX in coming years.

  • More on Renovating Hobbiton has quick overview of what's going on in the rebuilding of Hobbiton

  • Weaving Not Quite Back Yet For Hobbit

    Although the rumor mill says that Hugo Weaving is onboard for the film, the actor says he has not been contacted yet.

  • Lord of the Rings Radio City Music Hall Website Now Live

    Here's the latest press release regarding the Lord of the Rings score being performed at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

  • More Hobbiton Reconstruction News and Pics

    Check out the latest photos of the rebuilding of the Hobbiton set from a New Zealand paper.

  • Tolkien Professor Posts Latest Podcast, "On Dragons and Orcs"

    Listen to the Tolkien Professor discuss Smaug's family history and the social life of Orcs.

  • Hobbiton Gets a Facelift

    Without any fanfare at all whatsoever, the set used to film Bilbo's hometown of Hobbiton is back under construction in New Zealand.

  • The Hobbit: Casting Update and Latest on Legal Threat to Movie

    Although the casting of Bilbo is rumored to be announced at Comic Con, producers say that current legal issues with the Tolkien Estate could prevent casting for awhile.

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