• Effects Lead Richard Taylor Talks Lord of the Rings Blu-ray

    "People have told me over the last couple of days that they have now seen the details that we had put in," Taylor said. "We had thought we had just been a bit fanatical because they weren't apparent to the viewer. Now they are. That's a fantastic thing to hear that. A lot of that very fine detail is now popping out."

  • The Hobbit to Start Shooting in June... It's (almost) official!

    Seems that we'll all be waiting only about 3 months before The Hobbit starts up!

  • Will The Hobbit be filmed in 3D?

    "Del Toro said the film's studio backers were making inquiries about filming the adaptation of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit in 3D and discussions had begun."

  • Official Lord of the Rings Site gets a Face-lift

    With the release of Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray in a little more than a month--April 6--the official Lord of the Rings website has finally gotten a much needed face-lift after these many years.

  • Hobbit Tea Now Available

    Greet the morning with Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend, or soak in the evening with Gandalf the Gray Tea...

  • Tolkien Reading Day is March 25th

    As 2010 is the International Maritime Organization's Year of the Seafarer the theme chosen gives people a chance to read and think about exploring the undercurrents in the Numenorean romance the "Tale of Aldarion and Erendis" from "Unfinished Tales", the journeys and ships of the Teleri, the flight of the Noldor, and the voyages of Tuor and Earendil in "The Silmarillion", or Bilbo's poem about the latter in LotR. There are also the poems "The Happy Mariners" and at a pinch "Bombadil Goes Boating."

  • TWTF Last Alliance Action Alert - Haiti

    As more news of the amount of devastation from the earthquake in Haiti on January 12th becomes available , The White Tree Fund are putting information together for any who would like to assist the aid efforts.

  • Maguire Not Appearing In "The Hobbit"

    Rumors of "Spiderman" star Toby Maguire being cast as Bilbo Baggins are false, even though he says he'd enjoy appearing in the film.

  • Lord of the Rings to Release on Blu-Ray April 6, 2010

    Many of us have been waiting for the day LOTR hits HD... and it looks like we finally have a date!

  • UPDATE: Casting of The Hobbit to Begin in New Zealand on Monday

    Aspiring actors in New Zealand get their chance to land a role in The Hobbit, scheduled to start filming in May or June!

  • Peter Jackson Confirms Stars Returning in The Hobbit

    Elves and wizards will be featured in The Hobbit... and so will the stars who played them in The Lord of the Rings

  • The Hobbit Filming in First Half of 2010 Confirmed By Jackson

    "It's two movies, and we've written the first script, which the studio responded well to. And we're now halfway through the second script..."

  • Hobbit Blu-Ray in... 2012? Lord of the Rings Blu-ray... when?

    With the delay of The Hobbit, we'll see a corresponding delay in the release of the DVD/Blu-ray disc... but the real question is when will we see the Lord of the Rings trilogy released on Blu-ray?!

  • First Hobbit Movie Script Complete!

    "The Hobbit will be two movies and we've written the first script and delivered it to the studio who seem to be happy with it."

  • "Festival in the Shire" to be Held in Wales

    "A town in Mid Wales is to be turned into a bit of Middle Earth next summer with the launch of a festival based on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings."

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