SPOILERS The Voice of Saruman Petition - Fans express their views regarding this latest ROTK news

** Spoilers.**

Those of you who read Jon's recent article, are aware of the News from Peter Jackson through AICN regarding the Voice of Saruman scene in Return of the King.

Originally, this segment, which would wrap up Saruman's story line in the film, was going to be at the end of  The Two Towers, but it was moved to the beginning of Return of the King.

Now the news is that the entire 7 minute segment has been cut. Some fans are registering their dismay by signing an e-petition started by Matt Shuster. Read (and sign if you like) the petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/smanrotk/

Read the Tolkien Online's members' reaction to the demise of Saruman's demise here: http://www.theonering.com/thewhitecouncil/categories.cfm?catid=13 

Here is one comment, posted both in the petition and on our message boards: "7 minutes is not too much to be added to the film, but 7 minutes of chistopher lee is too much art to be removed from the film"

Many more comments can be read by clicking the links above.




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