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Our vision for The One Ring is to be a welcoming and family-friendly place for fans of J. R. R. Tolkien. We encourage continuous renewal of discussions for the benefit of new members and readers. We have worked hard to create what we believe is a place that even Professor Tolkien himself may have been inclined to visit because of our high standards regarding civility and integrity in discussion, news reporting, and other materials inspired by Tolkien's works.


Keeping the integrity and high standards of The One Ring is more than just the job of Jonathan, The One Ring's founder and administrator. It's not just the job for the moderators and administrators of the site. It's the responsibility of every user to learn THE VISION, and how to put it into practice. It's up to every user to keep the integrity and high standards of The One Ring intact!

That's why the moderators and administrators of The One Ring moderate the messageboard frequently. The One Ring doesn't allow vulgarity or personal attacks. The One Ring doesn't allow sexual innuendo or online matchmaking. We at The One Ring don't allow minors to post their information on the messageboard. We don't allow trolling or flaming. The moderators and administrators of The One Ring are the purveyors of putting THE VISION into the minds of all users... and all users are encouraged to read the Terms of Service to better familiarize themselves with putting THE VISION into practice.

We at The One Ring are convinced that the success of the community is because THE VISION has been first and foremost in the minds of the founders, administrators, and moderators. And it is precisely because of that cognizance and diligent effort that The One Ring has been--and always will be--a welcoming place, a place where folks can come without fear of being ridiculed or belittled.

It is every user's membership responsibility to help The One Ring strive for THE VISION . The founders, administrators, and moderators are here to help all users better understand how to put THE VISION into practice.


The One Ring started in April 1999 as Jonathan Watson and Ted Tschopp wanted to build an online location for fans of JRR Tolkien's works to meet and befriend another in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.

The One Ring was to be more than just laundry-list news and an anarchistic messageboard, it would be a place where integrity and an open, welcoming attitude pervaded all endeavours.

Thus, over the next 13+ years, The One Ring has evolved into the largest online meeting place for Tolkien fans all over the world. It has gone through 5 major revisions and is continually being improved and refined to meet this vision!

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